Should I Exercise on the HCG Diet?

For the majority of weight loss programs, exercise is a key component of losing weight. But sometimes, the thought of exercising is the reason people give up on getting healthy at all. It’s already a lot to take on a new way of eating. Adding in another new habit like exercising can often become too overwhelming, so much so that you want to quit altogether. Everyone agrees that exercising is a great habit to form and can aid in losing weight. Before considering adding in an exercise routine, it may be beneficial to first focus on losing a few added pounds. The HCG diet can help you lose weight fast before focusing on adding in other healthy habits so you can begin to gain the confidence and momentum you need to succeed.

Exercise and the HCG Diet

If it’s hard to find time to focus on healthy eating and exercising, then the HCG diet may be the diet for you. When starting out, no exercise is required to lose weight. Over time, it could be beneficial to build exercise into your routine in New Jersey, but it’s not necessary for losing weight on the HCG diet.

Working out puts a lot of strain on the body. When you have added weight, that strain is greater. Losing 20-30 pounds first before implementing an exercise plan can be beneficial for mobility and joint health. Weight the HCG diet, you can lose anywhere from 20-30 pounds in 30-40 days.

Losing Weight on the HCG Diet

How is it possible to lose so much weight on the HCG diet? The HCG diet isn’t like any other diet. Following the eating plan and taking added supplements can lead to dramatic weight loss. On the HCG diet, the body rids itself of abnormal fat stores, and it does so without exercise. During the low-calorie phase of the HCG diet, the first 3-6 weeks, exercise could actually cause you to gain weight. But once you reach the maintenance phase, implementing an exercise plan is a great idea.

In the initial phases, just remember, it will come. For the time being, focus on following the HCG diet plan and losing weight so that you can work towards your overall health goals.

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