Facts About Phentermine

Phentermine has been around since 1959 and is an FDA-approved medication that works as an appetite suppressant. When taking phentermine, it causes the brain to release chemicals into the body that help with appetite control. This medication, when used properly and in addition to proper diet and exercise, can aid in effective weight loss. While it must be prescribed by a doctor, it has shown to significantly help individuals in New Jersey and all over shed the pounds who are severely overweight more than just diet and exercise alone could. Weight gain has its own concerns and can lead to other health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol, to name a few. When health is a primary concern of significant weight gain, the benefits of phentermine can be extremely advantageous in helping one find their way back to health again.

Phentermine Eligibility

Because phentermine must be prescribed by a doctor, local New Jersey on-site weight loss doctors will first evaluate each person to see if phentermine is the best option. Candidates are reviewed if they are within the right age range and have a medical history that wouldn’t be a hindrance. Safety is always the number one priority, so it is essential that each person has a proper evaluation to determine if phentermine is the right way to successfully lose weight for candidates in New Jersey.

Taking Phentermine

Like every prescribed medication, there are directions to follow to make sure the medication is taken appropriately. Prescription phentermine should be taken as directed by a New Jersey doctor, no more, no less, and as the directions on the label state. Most of the time, phentermine is taken twice a day before both breakfast and lunch. If a dose is missed, it’s best not to try to make up the dose another time in the day as taking too much is harmful. Additionally, taking phentermine too late in the evening can cause insomnia. When stopping a medication, it is also important to follow proper instructions from a doctor to avoid potential harm to the body. While the benefits of phentermine can improve overall health, it is with your health in mind that you must adhere carefully to all directives given by medical professionals in New Jersey when taking phentermine.

To see if phentermine is right for you in your weight loss journey, contact our staff at Elite Rapid Weight loss in New Jersey to set up a consultation.