How Can Weight Loss Increase Low Testosterone?

Some amount of body fat is both healthy and necessary. Even the fittest of men will have body fat. Body fat must be within a certain range to be considered healthy. Too much body fat becomes problematic. In fact, too much body fat can lead to health problems such as low testosterone levels, which can in turn affect overall health. Studies have shown that men who are overweight are eight times more likely to have low testosterone than men with a healthy body weight. So what do weight and low testosterone have to do with one another and how can men in New Jersey increase low testosterone simply by losing weight?

The Connection Between Weight and Low Testosterone

There can be many reasons why being overweight leads to low testosterone, but the main reason lies within the fat cells. Aromatase, an enzyme found in fat cells that speeds up chemical reactions, has the job of building estrogen out of testosterone molecules. Therefore, the more fat cells a man has, the more aromatics are working to convert testosterone to estrogen, and the lower the levels of testosterone will fall, ultimately leading to low testosterone. When at a healthy weight, a man’s body will only convert a small amount of testosterone to estrogen, balancing out the appropriate levels within the body. Because fat cells play a large role in testosterone levels, losing weight is one of the best ways to increase testosterone levels, resulting in an overall healthier you.

Weight Loss Can Boost Testosterone Levels

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