4 Weight Loss Tips for Men with Low Testosterone

Overweight men are at risk of suffering from many health issues, including low testosterone.  Low testosterone may not seem like something to be concerned about, but it can lead to long-lasting effects such as low sex drive, lower energy levels, weight gain, and depression. Boosting low testosterone through weight loss can go a long way in helping men in New Jersey to feel their best.  Here are a few recommended tips to follow for men who suffer from low testosterone.


Move and Exercise

Exercise doesn’t need to be an intense, sweaty workout.  But it does require movement.  Exercising, such as walking, for an hour a day can go a long way in boosting low testosterone levels for men in New Jersey.  If low testosterone is causing fatigue, breaking the hour up into three twenty-minute sessions can help.


Strength Training

While moving and exercising is great, strength training is also beneficial for losing weight and increasing testosterone levels.  Lifting weights, doing pushups, or any other kind of strength training exercises for 15 to 20 minutes three to four times a week will build lean muscles and burn fat.


Watch What You Eat

Too much sugar, specifically simple sugars, can lead to excess fat and weight gain.  The more weight men gain, the more likely they are to have low testosterone levels.  Avoid high levels of glucose found in cookies, that delicious New Jersey pizza, white bread, rice, pasta, and cakes.  Also, it is best to avoid processed foods as they too contain unwanted simple sugars  Instead, turn to whole grains or beans that contain complex carbs that are better for the body.


Avoid Excessive Calorie Restriction

Monitoring calorie intake isn’t a bad thing for your health.  But excessive calorie restriction, or basically trying to starve yourself, isn’t a healthy way to achieve weight loss or boost low testosterone levels.  Instead, it could lead to burning body mass and muscles instead of desired fat.


If you are overweight in New Jersey and are experiencing the effects of low testosterone, implementing these healthy habits can go a long way towards a healthier you.  Elite Rapid Weight Loss in New Jersey has trained professionals who can help start you along the path towards achieving your health goals.  Contact us today to find out more about our programs for improving testosterone levels and losing weight.