How hCG Can Jumpstart Weight Loss

In America today, nearly 75% of all Americans fall in the overweight or obese category.  Carrying any extra weight can be damaging to your health.  It can be difficult to try and lose weight on your own.  Sometimes, even when you do manage to lose weight, it can be put back on so easily that you seem to give up hope of ever losing and keeping off weight.  If this sounds like you, it’s time to get help in New Jersey.  The hCG diet may be just what you have been looking for.

What Is the hCG Diet?

HCG is a hormone found in the body.  Pregnant women have an abundance of this hormone during their pregnancy.  This protein-based hormone is what produces larger amounts of testosterone or estrogen in the body.  While it can be what helps an embryo grow, it has also been found to increase metabolism, which can result in quicker weight loss.  The hCG diet includes an emphasis on nutrition as well as adding the hCG hormone into your daily routine in New Jersey.  HCG injections included with the hCG diet can help curb your hunger so that you don’t mindlessly eat all day long.  When we watch our calorie intake, our body will burn fat rather than store fat.  The phases of the hCG diet include loading, weight loss, and maintenance resulting in a healthier, lasting weight loss overall.

What Can I Expect on the hCG Diet?

If you have never done the hCG diet before it can help to know what to expect.  Be sure to follow the hCG protocols as well as nutritional plans recommended by experienced professionals at EliteRapid  Weight Loss in New Jersey.  When you follow this hCG diet, you can expect your appetite to diminish, although you may still need to resist the occasional habit of eating or drinking something unearthing during that midday lull.  If you still experience this habit, use this time on the hCG diet to examine your relationship with food and find out how you can break bad habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Can I Keep the Weight Off?

Once you have done the hard work of getting off the weight, you want to then keep it off.  Maintaining weight loss is a key step to the hCG diet.  You don’t want to go back to your old eating habits once you reach that ideal weight.  Instead, let our New Jersey hCG diet experts at Elite Rapid Weight Loss support you in your weight loss journey to celebrate your successes and keep the weight off for good.

For more information about the hCG diet, contact our team of professionals at Elite Rapid Weight Loss in New Jersey.  We look forward to helping you achieve and keep that ideal weight.