Why the hCG Diet Is So Effective

If you know what hCG is, you may wonder how it can aid in weight loss when it’s associated with pregnancy. But taking daily doses of this hormone can actually be an effective method of weight loss. When you see an hCG diet doctor in New Jersey, they can help you balance your hormones and supplement hCG in a way that aids weight loss without depriving yourself.

What Is hCG?

hCG is known as the human growth hormone as it is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. However, this hormone is composed of 244 amino acids and also plays a critical role in controlling the metabolism of women. As a pro-hormone, it helps the body produce more hormones, evening out imbalances that can often lead to weight gain. A New Jersey hCG diet doctor can help determine what imbalances may exist.

By changing your metabolism, hCG can trigger the body to burn abnormal fat to gain energy, causing as much as one pound of fat loss per day.

Muscle on the hCG Diet

One reason people love the hCG diet is that it prevents you from losing muscle as a result of dieting. Taking hCG increases multiple hormones in the body, including testosterone, which creates a muscle-building state that counteracts the breakdown. This means that, unlike many other weight loss systems, there is not a crash that causes muscle to be lost.

This loss of muscle is what can cause dramatic visual results during a crash diet that don’t last. Instead, working with an hCG diet doctor in New Jersey allows you to lose weight while maintaining your body’s metabolism and shape over time.

Health Benefits

When you work with an hCG diet doctor in New Jersey, weight loss is only one of the ways your body will benefit. Many people who suffer from rheumatic pain note a decrease in pain within just days of beginning their diet. This can lead to weaning off of pain medications and cortisone treatments.

It is also common to see a decrease in bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Patients with gout have seen a decrease in pain as well.

You Don’t Feel Deprived

Many diets leave you feeling like you’re missing out. While the hCG diet limits your daily calories, most patients do not feel hungry. Because the body is exposed to hCG, it acts as if it is pregnant and uses stored fat to meet its needs, even without additional calories. A New Jersey hCG diet doctor will work with you to craft a diet that meets your needs without feeling hungry all day!