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Low Testostorone Treatment In Washington Township, NJ

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a big role in how men look, what their sex drive is like, and more. In general, testosterone production will peak in early adulthood and will then decline steadily throughout the remainder of a man’s life. However, some men experience low T, or low testosterone. This occurs when the levels of testosterone in the body fall below 300 nanometers per deciliter. If you suspect you have low T and are looking for a low testosterone doctor to help you explore your options, visit Elite Health Center in New Jersey. Our low T doctors will explore your symptoms, test your testosterone levels, and make recommendations about your next steps. Here are the main symptoms of low T and some suggestions on when to see a low testosterone doctor.

Decreased Sex Drive

Some decline in the desire to be intimate is expected as men age, but a significant drop or a constantly low desire is a sign of low T.

Erection Problems

Although testosterone is not the only thing responsible for erections, it does play a role by telling the brain to make the erection occur. It’s only one factor involved in erections, but having trouble getting and maintaining an erection is a big part of low T. If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s time to see a low T doctor. ur sleep quality, and boost your immune function.

Hair Loss

Low Testosterone

This is another thing that cannot be looked at on its own, as hair loss is common in aging men and even in men with particular inherited genes. But if hair loss is becoming a big problem or it doesn’t seem to be genetic, or even if it’s just really bothering you, you should seek the advice of a low testosterone doctor in New Jersey.


When you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and eaten healthy foods but are still exhausted, you’re suffering from fatigue. A decreased energy level and lack of motivation are also part of fatigue that can stem from low T. Getting the help of a low T doctor can help you get back to your old self and stop feeling tired and drained all the time.

Reduced Muscle Mass & Increased Fat

When your testosterone levels drop, the estrogen in your body begins to play a larger role in your physical appearance. This often brings about reduced muscle mass and increased fat. Enlarged breast tissue, gaining weight more quickly, and feeling like your muscles are weaker or smaller is a big part of low T, and this should encourage you to get in touch with a low testosterone doctor at Elite Health Center in New Jersey.

Mood & Focus Changes

Low T can wreak havoc on your mood since it plays a large role in mental health and emotional processing. Men who seek the care of peptide and low T doctors more commonly report depression, irritability, a lack of focus, trouble concentrating, and a decreased memory. To learn more about the low testosterone doctors at Elite Health Center in New Jersey, contact us today.







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