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This is our most popular program providing the fastest weight loss results in the shortest amount of time. Our #1 goal is to help you lose the weight quickly and most importantly keeping it off long-term. Our customized elite weight loss protocol includes an INCREASED AMOUNT OF CALORIES versus the original 500 calorie protocol that many other HCG clinics offer. At Elite Health Center NJ, we have modernized this weight loss program by providing you the tools which you need to succeed. Along with staying active, it’s all about changing habits and maintaining a healthy balanced way of life. We not only teach you how to do well on our program, but we prepare you for success in life. IT'S NOT A DIET. IT'S A LIFESTYLE.

What our programs include:

  • HCG with supplies
  • Lipotropic MIC B12 with supplies
  • Diet plan, sample diet, and food list
  • Exclusive client guide
  • Nutritional Coaching and support
  • Follow up visits every 2 weeks in office or remotely

HCG Fast Weight Loss Programs Pricing:

  • 30 days + 3 week stabilization phase: $550
  • 45 days + 3 week stabilization phase: $750

LOSE WEIGHT FAST & CONVENIENTLY in the COMFORT of your home or office!

*if you're interested in getting started, scroll down to our #2 program*

Why choose the HCG program with Elite Health Center

Elite’s HCG Program is our most successful weight loss program. With our expert guidance and by following our guidelines, you can expect your body to burn fat specifically while preserving muscle. In essence, the HCG will target your abnormal fat stores to burn for energy, while naturally suppressing your appetite and reprogramming your hypothalamus to control hunger. You will feel reenergized as your metabolism resets, making it easier to maintain the weight loss after you finish our program. It is an effective, medically supervised weight loss program designed for those who want substantial weight loss in a short period of time and most importantly, want to keep the weight off. Typical results are about .5-1 pound per day on average. With centers in New Jersey, New York and Florida and with programs you can do remotely, we have transformed thousands of people’s lives across the whole country!

Start your Weight Loss Transformation
in the Comfort of your Home or Office


Start your remote weight loss program instantly! Easy and confidential all from the convenience of your home or office. Delivered to your door step with a complete “elite” tool kit for you to start your weight loss journey immediately.



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#4 Meals to Go

60+ Meals = FREE Shipping!

15 Meals to Go

  • ($17/Meal)
    $255.00 USD
  • +$45 shipping to NJ clinic only for pickup

30 Meals to Go

  • ($16/Meal)
    $480.00 USD
  • +$45 shipping to NJ clinic only for pickup

60 Meals to Go

  • ($15/Meal)
    $900.00 USD
  • Free Shipping to home

90 Meals to Go

  • ($14/Meal)
    $1,290.00 USD
  • Free Shipping to home