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Testosterone Levels Optimization In Washington Township, NJ

Testosterone is a hormone that is vitally important in the health of all people, but particularly in men. While women’s bodies do produce some testosterone, men have a larger amount produced in their bodies and it is more important to their overall function and wellness. Testosterone is most commonly linked to a healthy sex drive and sperm production, but it also plays a role in healthy bone and muscle mass, the way fat is stored, emotional processing and mood, red blood cell production, and much more. Testosterone begins to increase in production during puberty and begins tapering off in production in a man’s 30s or 40s. Although some decrease is normal, a significant drop in testosterone production or long-term low testosterone can be problematic. For those struggling in New Jersey, low testosterone therapy at Elite Health Center may be a solution.

The Trouble With Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can cause a slew of health issues, as well as some other problems that although they may not directly impact health, can bring about problems with mental health and overall fitness and wellbeing. A decreased sex drive and erectile problems are commonly linked to low testosterone, both of which can cause low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and mood problems. Depression is commonly connected to low testosterone in men, as are low energy levels and chronic fatigue. A decrease in body hair is a common sign of low testosterone, and many men experience a decrease in bone strength and muscle mass. Although low testosterone is primarily a hormonal problem, it can be caused by other health problems. Kidney disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, and AIDS can all bring about low testosterone. Stress is also a big part of testosterone problems and may bring about a need for testosterone replacement therapy in New Jersey.

Seeking Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you suspect that you need testosterone replacement therapy, contact Elite Health Center in New Jersey. We will run the appropriate tests and aim to get to the root cause of your low testosterone struggles. If we do determine that you are a good candidate for our testosterone replacement therapy, we will work with you to provide you a number of choices and treatment options so that you can have your problems corrected and get back to living the life you desire. Our testosterone replacement therapy will give you the options and solutions you’ve been searching for you that you can overcome your low testosterone challenges. Elite Health Center is committed to providing high-quality testosterone replacement therapy in New Jersey and we look forward to serving you soon.






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